GoatMate Software

GoatMate software is design as a Web Application / LAN / Offline System to keep your live stock records upto date and provide basic Management Reports. It replaces Manual Record to increase productivity.
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GoatMate Software
Installation & Training at Site

Web based / Offline / Mobile App All versions available


Can be used for any number of Farms / Animals.

Easy To Use

Full Training provided.

Online Help & Support available

Excellent backend team to help you to use the software efficiently

Android App For Mobile

Goat / Animal Diary is designed to keep your livestock records up to date and provide basic management reports

It is very Straightforward to operate and is ideal for farm managers looking to move up from manual records to computerization

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GoatDiary App

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From the very beginning as a technology company, Aarush Systems has been dedicated to improving every aspect of the education & hospitality industry.

The drive to make a difference and lead the evolution of IT in these sector is at the core of what makes our solutions so effective.

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It's easy as 1 - 2 - 3!


Install the software on your mashine.

Get Training

Get Trained by our team members

Add Records

Add records and start using App

Reminder List

Set reminders regarding Vaccinations , Weight measurements, Daily task to be completed etc.

Stock Reports

At a glance find out complete details about your stock-Birth / Death / Purchase / Sales Records.

Weight Analysis

Maintain Weight / Height / Charts / Records for each animal.

Add and Delete Animals

Add animals by Purchase and Birth , Delete Animals by Sale / Death.

Maintain Vaccination

Maintain Vaccination / Illness, Treatment given to each Animal.

Maintain Records

Maintain Food / Diet / Weight record for each animal.

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